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near our camp, and he wanted to know if the
medicine-man could tell him anything about it,
offering him money if he could.

Our medicine-man White Dog held a medicine
lodge, and when it was over he told the trader to
walk nine hundred paces west, when he would
come to a grove. He told him to turn into this
grove and walk three hundred paces to the right,
when he would come upon an "old man'. Be-
tween the legs of this old man he would find the
liquor. The trader did as he was told, and at that
point he came upon a tree whose two huge bottom
roots resembled the legs of a man. He searched
between these roots and found his keg of liquor
securely hidden there beneath the ground. The
way the medicine-man referred to the tree as the
Łold man' illustrates the queer phraseology which
I mentioned a few paragraphs back.